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Our New Haven apartment building Centerpointe, 109 Church Street, is a HUD insured property, and we have an affirmative action plan for marketing to all prospects. CA White wants to insure that everyone seeking apartments in the New Haven area is inclusive and that is why we are reaching out to your organization. Please let me know what newsletters or monthly informational emails that your Club offers that we might be able to participate in.

C.A. White, Inc. is a full-service apartment rental company that has been in New Haven for over 70 years. We wanted to write to you to see if we could introduce ourselves to your Club members. In particular, we have our CenterPointe apartment building at 109 Church Street that we would like to highlight to your membership. It is a beautiful downtown, well-equipped building close to Yale and the hospitals. Do you have newsletters or monthly informational emails in which we might be included? We want to reach out to the broadest range of potential renters as part of our inclusive marketing plan. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to connecting with you. You can reach us at 800-767-6891.