Thank you for choosing C.A. White’s Yale-New Haven apartments. We will help in any way we can to ensure that your move to New Haven and into one of our properties is as seamless and pleasant as possible.

The basic steps for moving into our apartments are below. Please print this page and use it as your reference.

  1. Complete and submit an application.
  2. Make an appointment to sign the lease. If overseas, tenants can send their lease if notarized. Please check with your leasing agent for details.
  3. For Campus View or Traymore tenants, please provide cash or certified checks for security deposit and FULL first month’s rent (this money must be submitted at the lease signing to hold the apartment). If you are renting at CenterPointe, we will accept a personal or certified checks. Please make sure that you have separate checks for the deposit and the first month’s rent.
  4. If a guarantor is required, the guarantor must also be present at the lease signing. The exception to this is if the paperwork for the guarantor is completed prior to the lease signing or if the guarantor is overseas, the Guarantor Agreement can be submitted if notarized. Please check with your leasing agent for details.
  5. Activate utilities prior to occupancy – please see the table below for the local utility companies.
    Please Note: If you are moving into Campus View Apartments, there is no need to call the gas company or the electric company since these utilities are included in your rent and are already activated.
    Please Note: At CenterPointe, no gas is needed and high-speed Fiber internet through Frontier is provided free of charge.

Utility Company Phone Numbers

  • Electric: United Illuminating – (800) 722-5584
  • Gas: Southern CT Gas Co. – (800) 659-8299
  • Phone: Frontier – (800) 921-8101
  • Cable: Comcast Cable Television – (800) 266-2278

If you have questions about your move or the status of your application, please call us toll free at (800) 767-6891 or (203) 777-6891 and ask to speak to Linda Libertino or Corrine Schreiber.