At C.A. White, Inc., we strive for the highest standards of maintenance and responsiveness to your needs as a valued tenant. We take pride in providing a comfortable home for our residents.


If you have a maintenance request, please be sure to inform the Management Office as promptly as possible. Please make sure to state the nature of the issue, your phone number, apartment building and apartment number.

Routine Maintenance Issues

  • For routine maintenance issues at CenterPointe (109 Church Street), please call us at (203) 848-1800.
  • For routine maintenance issues at Traymore (120 Dwight Street), Mayfair (825-835 Elm Street), or Campus View (84 Howe Street), please call us at (203) 777-6891.
  • You can click here for our non-emergency Maintenance Request Form.

The Management Office is available to respond from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We close at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays during the summer months.

After-Hour Emergencies

After-hour emergencies include lockouts, leaks/flooding, refrigerator not working, toilet not working, no heat and no electricity.

For after-hour emergencies, DO NOT USE EMAIL. Call “911” to report a serious emergency such as fire.

  • For CenterPointe (109 Church Street), please call (203) 848-1800 for after-hour emergencies.
  • For Traymore (120 Dwight Street),Mayfair (825-835 Elm Street) or Campus View (84 Howe Street), please call our main number at (203) 777-6891 and then press “8” to be connected with an operator. Please do not leave a voicemail for emergencies since messages are not accessed until the next day.


Rent is always due on the 1st day of the month. Please be advised that you will pay a late fee of $25.00 for each payment received after the 10th of the month.

  • For CenterPointe, please mail or deliver your rent payment made out to “Block 235 Development Associates LLC” to the Management Office at CenterPointe, 109 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510. If you are paying cash, please deliver your rent to the C.A. White, Inc. office at 1211 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor, New Haven, CT.
  • For Traymore, please make out your rent payment to “Lawrence Realty Company, Inc.”; for Mayfair or Campus View, please make out your rent payment to “Schaffer Associates LLC” and mail or deliver to:

C.A. White, Inc.
1211 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06511

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Summer hours are until 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Please note your apartment building and apartment number on your check or money order. If you want to have automated payments setup, please contact

Bikes Racks

For your convenience, there are bicycle racks located in the basement bicycle rooms.

Door Mats

Please remember that we would like all tenants to remove any door mats in front of their individual apartment doors. It is much easier to clean without individual mats. We appreciate your cooperation.

For any other tenant concerns, call Sandi Siedel, Senior Property Manager, at (203) 777-6891 or email her at